Ground Mount

A comprehensive service, from planning through to DNO liaison

What is ground mount solar PV?

Anesco has managed the design and construction of some of the UK’s largest and most complex ground mount solar PV schemes.

In September 2017, we also became the first developer in the country to introduce subsidy-free solar, which was a landmark development for the industry.

Our specialist team offers a comprehensive service, from planning through to DNO liaison, construction and monitoring and maintenance for the life of the project.

Through our unique AnescoMeter service we are able to monitor and maintain schemes to ensure they continue to operate at their optimum efficiency.

We have installed in excess of


of ground mount Solar PV

Examples of projects we have managed

  • We designed and constructed the UK’s first subsidy-free solar farm, Clayhill Solar Farm in Bedfordshire, which combines 10MW solar PV with 6MW energy storage. It was officially opened by the Minister for Climate Change on September 2017 – view case study
  • We developed a 30MW solar portfolio on the site of five former collieries owned by Harworth Estates, a project which was strongly in line with Government policy to develop solar on brownfield land – view case study.

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