Ensuring solar PV installations are financially viable, for both self-funded and investor-funded schemes

What commercial solar PV solutions do we offer?

Anesco works with a wide range of organisations in a variety of different sectors to manage the design, installation and maintenance of solar PV schemes. This includes agricultural businesses, commercial properties, manufacturers and landowners.

We have developed a model to ensure solar PV installations are a financially viable solution, for both self-funded and investor-funded schemes.

Our expert team can advise on all aspects of the process and liaise with the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to manage connection to the national grid.

Our renewable asset monitoring and maintenance service, AnescoMeter, can also ensure any solar installations continue to operate at their optimum level.

We have installed in excess of


of commercial Solar PV

Key benefits of solar PV for businesses

  • Harnesses free energy directly from the sun
  • No noise, harmful emissions or gases are produced
  • Safety and reliability are proven
  • Power can be generated in remote areas that are not connected to the grid
  • Solar panels can be incorporated into the architecture of a building

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