Solar PV

A complete end-to-end service, from design to delivery, operation and maintenance

What is Solar PV?

Solar photovoltaic (PV) is one of the fastest growing sources of energy in the world. Anesco is one of the only service providers in the UK, able to offer a complete end-to-end solution, from inception to completion and the ongoing maintenance of sites.

From designing and constructing some of the country’s largest solar farms, to managing the design, planning and installation of bespoke rooftop installations, our specialist team has overseen many of the UK’s most complex solar PV projects.

With a solar farm portfolio exceeding 100 sites, which are generating more than 480MW of renewable energy, we continue to introduce new models of working that support our customers to capitalise on all commercial opportunities in this area.

Once complete, our in-house monitoring and maintenance service, AnescoMeter, ensures each site continues to operate at its optimum capacity for the duration of the contract. Any drop in expected output is quickly identified and rectified, offering complete piece of mind.

480 MW

of renewable energy is being generated across our solar sites

Energy storage

Anesco is the UK market leader in energy storage .

We installed the UK’s first utility scale unit, back in September 2014. By March 2017, we had connected units totalling 19MW and by the end of 2018 our portfolio is targeted to exceed 185MW.

We are currently undertaking a programme to retrofit batteries onto existing solar sites, as well as identifying opportunities to connect batteries to new sites.

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We are first to understand new technologies and to introduce commercial models that enable our customers to improve their energy usage and save money, while tackling the world’s carbon emissions. With our global approach to innovation and world-class delivery we are driving the energy efficiency sector forward.