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Slepe Farm

Anesco is at the forefront of energy storage solutions in the UK, being first to introduce and install commercial scale battery units.
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Project results:

Battery System Connected:

250kWh Unit

First utility scale battery storage unit

installed in the UK

Project Outline:

The ability to store energy generated from a renewable source is a valuable part of any power system. The energy storage technology makes sure that solar power output is steady and demonstrates how solar power can be a key part of the generation mix.

One of the first commercial scale battery units to be connected by Anesco was a 250kWh unit at Slepe Farm in Dorset. The battery storage unit can store energy generated by the 498.4 kWp ground-mounted solar installation and release it when it is needed by the National Grid.

The project has seen the successful collaboration of solar farm owners Farm Power Apollo, energy supplier Opus Energy and Anesco. The partnership itself being a ground breaking initiative for the UK energy efficiency market.

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