Solar panels for business

With over 2 million solar panels for business and commercial applications installed across the UK, Anesco is leading the way in the supply and installation of solar schemes and other renewable technologies.

Find out how we help companies cut costs, minimize exposure to fluctuating energy prices and reduce carbon emissions.

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  • Cut operational expenditure
  • An efficient source of low carbon energy
  • Future-proof against rising energy costs
  • Funding and finance options available
  • All systems fully maintained through AnescoMeter
solar panel for business

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In a year which produced unprecedented numbers of energy efficiency works, Anesco really proved why it is one of the leading private companies working in the energy services industry.

Doncaster Council

Anesco’s responsiveness and ability to act quickly has been outstanding. The team has proven themselves again and again with the various projects we have now completed together, I have complete trust in them.

The fact that Anesco offers a complete end-to-end service with specialists in all areas of both the design and delivery was really appealing

Philip Dennis Foodservice

Our relationship with Anesco is best described as a valued partnership and we maintain a strong ongoing relationship. I would highly recommend them, especially in terms of their ability to take on a large project and how quickly they can deliver.

Premier Inn & Restaurants

How solar panels for business and commercial applications work

Solar panels for business applications are similar to those used in domestic dwellings, though more powerful.  Installed on a rooftop or ground mounted, the panels work by converting sunlight into DC electricity, which in turn is converted into AC electricity through inverters. This energy can be used to power your business, no matter the size, or industry.

It is important to remember that whilst it is difficult to distinguish solar panels apart, they do have different power and efficiency ratings, which is an important consideration when designing a system.

As this form of energy has become more established the manufacturing costs have fallen, making solar a viable and highly effective way to cut operational costs and minimise exposure to rising energy prices.

Solar energy represents an efficient source of low carbon electricity, which can help in meeting corporate social responsibility (CSR) targets and the management of commercial carbon footprints.

Solar PV is particularly well suited to environments and businesses where electricity is needed during daylight hours. With a life expectancy of 25 years or more, the panels require little maintenance, so you can guarantee generating clean and sustainable power for your business, year after year.

Anesco is the premier authority in renewable energy and has been involved in high profile solar panel rooftop and ground mount installations. We develop and implement energy and carbon reduction strategies that help businesses save money, reduce carbon emissions and future-proof against rising energy costs.

Business Solar Panels – Roof Mounted

Depending on your building and the land you have available, you may choose for your solar PV panels to be either roof mounted or ground mounted.

The panels need to be installed in an unshaded area and will continue to work even on cloudy days. The greater the number of solar panels that are installed, the more solar power that will be generated.

Roof mounted solar schemes can be fitted directly onto any suitable roof space. The types of buildings and structures that lend themselves well to such schemes, range from office buildings, warehouses and distribution centres, to hotels, leisure centres, schools and universities.

Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Ground mounted solar panels are attached to frames that are fitted into the ground. This type of installation requires an area of land to be available.

Ground mount solar is typically used in large scale solar farms, but can also be used in smaller commercial projects.

Our experienced team will be able to advise you on all the options, to help you find the best solution to meet your business’ needs.

System Design and Installation

At Anesco, we have significant experience in the design, installation and ongoing maintenance of both rooftop and ground mount solar projects. This enables us to identify, design and structure renewable generation projects that will achieve the maximum benefit for corporate customers and investors alike.

Finance & Funding Solar Panels for Business Applications

Our expert team can advise you on the best way to finance your renewable energy project – from self-funded models, to power purchase agreements and large-scale investment funding routes.

We have built strong relationships with all of the corporate renewable investors, which puts us in the unique position.

Commercial Battery Storage Solutions

A commercial battery storage solution enables you to store and utilise the power you generate from your solar system. Combining commercial solar with a battery storage solution can ensure you maximise the benefit of your solar installation, by enabling your company to become more self-sufficient and reducing the amount of energy being taken from the national grid.

Battery storage can be used independently of a solar PV solution to store energy from the grid for use during periods of high demand, and in the event of loss of connection to the grid.

Solar Panel Service & Maintenance

AnescoMeter is our dedicated asset management and operations & maintenance service. For customers, it helps optimise the performance of renewable assets, ensuring the maximise return on investment is achieved.

The AnescoMeter team uses sophisticated software to monitor the performance of solar panels in real time, ensuring that any problems or dips in output are quickly identified and rectified, so the system continues to operate at its optimum capacity.

AnescoMeter has grown to become one of the largest providers of asset management  and operations & maintenance for renewable assets in the UK and is currently managing in excess of 730MW across 21,500 assets.

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We are first to understand new technologies and to introduce commercial models that enable our customers to improve their energy usage and save money, while tackling the world’s carbon emissions. With our global approach to innovation and world-class delivery we are driving the energy efficiency sector forward.