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Complete protection for investments made in renewable energy installations

What is AnescoMeter?

AnescoMeter is one of the largest providers of operations and maintenance for renewable assets in the UK, offering world class real time monitoring.

Our specialist system is designed to optimise the long term performance of renewable assets for our customers, maximising their return on investment whilst minimising risk.

But far beyond simply monitoring an asset and fixing faults, the AnescoMeter team is dedicated to helping improve the overall performance of the assets we look after. We achieve this thanks to our industry-leading knowledge and experience, which has been gained through years of operating at the forefront of the renewables sector.

AnescoMeter currently supports over 21,500 assets, which range from utility scale generation and energy storage sites, through to large commercial premises and individual residential properties within blue chip client portfolios.

The system itself has been designed with our customers’ needs in mind. We understand they want a proven solution and complete peace of mind that an investment is being protected, while having access to key information when it’s needed.

The fully integrated AnescoMeter system is operated in-house and performs a comprehensive range of services – from undertaking all planned and preventative action, to fault response and a range of additional services. We also offer Managed Service Agreements, which include administration of FITs, ROC and RHI.

Customers are supplied with detailed reports and real-time data, so they can see at any point what is happening with their asset and know it is in safe hands.

  • Over 1000 faults are identified and rectified by AnescoMeter every month
  • Installed systems are analysed to optimise future performance
  • We invest in our own staff who are fully trained direct employees

We monitor in excess of

21,500 sites

that have generated over


of renewable energy

Benefits of AnescoMeter:

  • Rapid response time
  • A dedicated account manager
  • A national network of locally-based engineers who get to know and understand your site
  • Industry-leading head office team working behind the scenes to optimise performance
  • Outstanding customer service and support functions
  • Access to detailed reports and a full range of reporting functions
  • Real time updates and information
  • Access on the move via the AnescoMeter App

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