Landowner Partnerships

Landowners, farmers and owners of stately homes with land over 25 acres can potentially generate an attractive and long-term income leasing land to Anesco.

Anesco is actively seeking land to develop as a solar farm with battery storage, and will pay up to £900 per acre per annum (indexed linked). In addition, we will also pay premiums at various stages of the project’s development.

Plus, there is always the option to take a share of the net revenues the site generates through ownership or part ownership.


  • Up to £900 per acre, per annum
  • Guaranteed long term rental period – up to 30 years +
  • Leasing land provides a regular income stream
  • Option to own or part own the asset
  • Land can continue to be used for livestock if required
  • Contribution toward legal costs
Ground mount solar farm


Anesco is a logical partner for us and a natural choice, as it has impressive experience of managing large scale schemes. Anesco has a great management team and solid backing, with a strong service offering.

Help meet the growing demand for solar

One of the easiest ways to diversify the use of your land whilst guaranteeing a regular and attractive income, is to consider leasing land for the development of an Anesco designed and built solar and battery storage farm.

Anesco is currently looking to develop land that is 25 acres or more in return for generous payments of up to £900 per acre, per annum. With long-term rental periods of up to 30 years or more, coupled with the premiums paid at various stages of the site’s development, this can provide you with low-risk financial security for years to come. To reap greater reward there is always the option to own or part own the site.

Partnering with Anesco

Having built in excess of 100 high performing ground mount solar farms to date and connected over 30% of the UK’s battery storage, it is no surprise that Anesco is recognised as the largest supplier of ground mounted solar and storage in the UK.


Solar is one of the top sources of renewable energy in the world and whilst the subsidies that were introduced by the government to encourage uptake have since been withdrawn, solar remains as popular as ever.

Using battery technology to capture and store the energy that the solar panels has generated is an important part of paving the way to a sustainable energy supply.

Unlike other renewable technologies solar and battery storage have no moving parts and therefore operate quietly, also being ground-mounted and relatively low in height they can be easily screened by fencing or hedgerows.

Another benefit to this ground mounted solar and battery storage is that it’s a modular build that can easily be decommissioned at the end of the rental period.

By partnering with Anesco you can be assured that every aspect of the site development is expertly managed, from successfully securing a planning application through to the design, construction and connection, optimisation and ongoing maintenance.

This is a true turnkey approach that continues to make Anesco such a natural choice amongst our clients.

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