Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme – ESOS Phase 2

The UK government is committed to reducing the carbon emissions and the energy use of large businesses.  This has led to the introduction in July 2014 of The Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS).

We have now entered ESOS Phase 2 which has several benefits, including an opportunity to review existing energy demands.
Compliance with the second phase must be completed and reported by 5th December 2019.


  • Access to advice and guidance
  • An opportunity to review current energy consumption
  • Potential financial savings
  • A reduction in carbon emissions


We were very impressed by the organisation and professionalism of the team at Anesco. This was a large and important project for us, so we needed to ensure we had the right company in place.

What is ESOS Phase 2?

ESOS is a mandatory carbon reporting programme relating to the European Commission’s Energy Efficiency Directive, which requires all EU member states to introduce a programme of regular energy audits.

The directive affects companies that employ at least 250 people or have an annual turnover above £38.9m and an annual balance sheet total above £33.4m and it is likely that large not-for-profit and non-public sector organisations may also meet the criteria.

There are enormous benefits to ESOS and whilst it is not a simple tick box exercise, it does provide an opportunity for qualifying organisations to improve their energy efficiency and ultimately bring about financial and carbon savings.

The downside to ESOS is the threat of substantial financial penalties, ranging from £5,000 up to £90,000 for any business which fails to meet its reporting obligations.

With the 31st December 2018 qualification deadline looming, Anesco can consult on the implications of ESOS and about making ESOS work for you.

For companies affected by ESOS, this work will need to be done ahead of the ESOS assessment compliance deadline on 5th December 2019 and Anesco can advise on project funding including, self-funded, asset finance, power purchase agreements (PPA) and/or an Energy Saving Performance Agreement (ESPA).

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