Energy Storage Systems for Business

Anesco is the premier authority on solar energy storage for business and investor-led projects.

Having made history in 2014, by connecting the UK’s first utility scale battery storage unit, and with 107MW of energy storage to date, the company is on target to deliver 380MW by the end of 2020– which is equivalent to the power needed to run over 9,200 businesses annually*.

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  • An advanced green technology
  • Protection against fluctuating energy prices
  • Reduced operational costs
  • A source of clean energy


We have developed a strong partnership with Anesco…they go above and beyond and have exceeded our expectations in every way

Philip Dennis Foodservice

In a year which produced unprecedented numbers of energy efficiency works, Anesco really proved why it is one of the leading private companies working in the energy services industry.

Doncaster Council

Anesco’s responsiveness and ability to act quickly has been outstanding. The team has proven themselves again and again with the various projects we have now completed together, I have complete trust in them.


Battery storage offers protection from fluctuating energy prices

For most companies’ energy bills are a significant expense and taking steps to better manage your energy use, as well as reducing carbon emissions, can directly impact your cost structure, competitiveness, reputation and CSR credentials.

Commercial battery storage is set to play a major role in the global energy mix in the future and, when used in conjunction with renewable technologies such as commercial solar PV (photovoltaic) system, it can help manage and protect your business from fluctuating energy costs and reduce its carbon emissions.

What are energy storage systems and how do they work?

Renewable energy storage, also known as Energy Storage Systems (ESS) is an advanced green technology.

Most systems use lithium-ion chemistry and work by capturing and storing energy generated from renewable technologies, these can include solar, wind, biomass and wave.

The batteries can also work independently of a renewable energy source, by storing cheaper energy from the grid which can then be released and redistributed across a business when it is most needed.

By allowing your battery to support the National Grid through the ‘balancing mechanism’ additional revenue can be generated.

Energy storage systems do not produce any emissions during operation and therefore contribute toward the binding climate change and emissions targets that the UK has committed to under the Climate Change Act 2008.

Commercial solar battery storage

In the case of a roof top or ground mount solar PV system, the energy captured by the panels during daylight hours can be stored by the battery which can then be used to power your business during peak high tariff times, when energy purchased from the grid is at a premium, or at night.

Is battery storage right for your business?

To understand whether battery storage is right for your business, you need to consider your current energy usage.  Anesco, will work with you to examine your current energy consumption, before creating a strategy that includes system sizing to ensure it will meet the demands of your business.

Financing a battery storage solution

Anesco provides a range of finance and funding options for battery power solutions and renewable technologies.

*One cycle per day, based upon a medium sized business using 15,000Kw per year. 

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We are first to understand new technologies and to introduce commercial models that enable our customers to improve their energy usage and save money, while tackling the world’s carbon emissions. With our global approach to innovation and world-class delivery we are driving the energy efficiency sector forward.