Energy Efficient Lighting

Making the switch to lower energy bills

What is Energy Efficient Lighting?

Lighting is one of the single biggest energy expenses that any business will face, typically accounting for around 20% of the electricity used in commercial and industrial buildings.

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are one technology that represents an immediate and potentially significant opportunity for organisations, when it comes to reducing energy bills and improving carbon credentials.

Lighting upgrades combined with smart controls can bring even greater benefits, further reducing energy use while providing a high quality light experience

Savings of between


can be achieved by switching to LED lighting

Key benefits

  • Switching to LEDs can reduce lighting costs by around 30-50%
  • Intelligent controls that dim or switch off lighting when there is nobody in the area can reduce electricity use by up to 30%
  • Environmental sensors that adjust artificial lighting based on the amount of natural light available can reduce electricity use by up to 40%
  • An LED used for an average of 8 hours per day will typically last over 20 years before it needs to be replaced

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