Energy Audits & ESOS Compliance

Analysing energy use to reveal opportunities for improvement

What is an Energy Audit?

At Anesco we have unrivalled experience in both carrying out energy audits and working with organisations to improve their energy efficiency. Our experience includes working with a wide range of organisations, from corporates to industrial manufacturers, schools, hospitals and council portfolios.

Energy audits work by examining the current energy use of an organisation’s buildings and facilities, including how a building performs, how it is typically used and any other factors that may be having an impact on energy use. This analysis is then used to pinpoint those areas where energy efficiency improvements could be made.

At Anesco we can provide detailed energy audits and analysis, through to investment grade audit proposals.

An estimated

10,000 firms

fall under the ESOS scheme

ESOS compliance

ESOS – which stands for Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme – requires companies with over 250 employees or an annual turnover exceeding €50m and a balance sheet exceeding €43m, to carry out energy assessments every four years.

It is a mandatory scheme and as part of the ESOS assessment all qualifying companies must examine their operations, processes and transport, to identify areas where energy reduction measures could be introduced.

At Anesco, we help businesses take the next step and make the identified reductions in energy a reality. This sees businesses benefiting from:

  • Improvements in their energy efficiency
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and competitiveness
  • A reduction in their carbon footprint
  • Significantly lower energy bills

We work with each business to find the most suitable funding option for its individual circumstances and the technology being applied – including, self-funded, asset finance, power purchase agreement (PPA) and or an Energy Saving Performance Agreement (ESPA).

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