The ESCO Model

Empowering organisations to transform their energy use at no cost

What is The ESCO Model?

Our pioneering ESCO model enables organisations to transform their energy use and operations – from upgrading housing stock, to reducing carbon emissions, improving the efficiency of corporate buildings and replacing end of life assets – all without the need for upfront capital.

Based on an Energy Saving Performance Contract (ESPC), the ESCO model works by examining an organisation’s current energy usage, including the performance of all aspects of its buildings and facilities. Calculations are then made for the financial savings that could be achieved through a range of key energy efficiency measures and upgrades.

For a client, the process requires no capital outlay. Anesco can provide all upfront capital with the investment recouped over an agreed payback period, through the energy savings generated.

We generated guaranteed cost savings of over

£130,000 per year

for one independent school

The five stages of the ESCO model:

  1. Modelling
    • A detailed examination of the way a premises currently functions and its energy usage, including gas, electric, insulation, windows, brickwork and lighting
  2. Feasibility study
    • Calculations are then made to assess the feasibility of the project, including costs, savings and supply chain. Potential payback periods are also established
  3. Finance package
    • A finance package is then put together and agreed including a thorough risk assessment
  4. Installation
    • The operations team will then co-ordinate the installation of the agreed energy efficiency measures
  5. On-going monitoring
    • An ongoing monitoring and reporting package is then provided.

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