Renewable Maintenance

Complete protection for investments made in renewable energy installations

What is AnescoMeter?

AnescoMeter is our industry-leading renewable asset monitoring and maintenance service. It offers complete protection for investments made in renewable energy installations, by ensuring they are performing at their optimum level. Our key aim is to enhance performance and maximise yield.

As well as new developments, AnescoMeter manages large-scale maintenance contracts for existing assets, both in the UK and worldwide.

We are one of the only renewable maintenance providers to offer a fully integrated system that is operated in-house and can perform a comprehensive range of services, including scheduled and active maintenance, and fault response. The real-time, fully automated AnescoMeter system monitors the output of renewable energy installations to ensure any discrepancies are quickly identified, preventing any potential loss in revenue.

Our AnescoMeter app means customers are offered even greater choice in how they can access their data, with the added convenience of being able to do so on the move.

We monitor in excess of

21,500 sites

that have generated over


of renewable energy

Benefits of AnescoMeter:

  • Output is monitored to ensure any discrepancies are quickly identified and rectified, preventing any potential loss in revenue
  • Access to detailed reports and a full range of reporting functions, including performance, carbon savings, income generated and any faults logged
  • Real time updates and information, including when a fault is discovered and repaired
  • A fully integrated system that has been designed and is operated in-house

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