Funding an ESCO model

Our fully funded option means energy saving measures can be installed at no cost.

How is an ESCO model funded?

Our innovative ESCO model is based on an Energy Saving Performance Contract (ESPC), which examines current energy usage and all aspects of a building’s performance, before calculating the financial savings that could be made through the implementation of a range of key energy efficiency measures.

Anesco Energy Saving Performance Contracts (ESPC) provide complete energy saving solutions for public and private sector organisations, at little or no cost to the client.

Our unique service model assesses all possible energy saving measures, and then installs them at no up-front cost for the client. We receive payment based on the savings we generate in energy bills.

Our ESPCs are funded by investors and based on a yearly payback scheme, which is a percentage of the savings generated.

As each project is unique we create a feasibility study to determine potential costs and savings and any financial risks of the investments.

Helping Mid Devon council

reduce its energy costs by a third

The ESCO Model

Our pioneering ESCO model enables organisations to transform their energy use and operations, without the need for upfront capital.

  • We undertook an ESCO for St Mary’s Shaftesbury, a boarding and day school in Dorset, generating guaranteed annual energy savings of at least £130,000 – view case study.
  • We helped Mid Devon District Council to save up to a third on its annual energy expenditure after installing a range of energy efficiency measures in a number of its corporate properties – view case study.

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