Anesco Asset Management

An investment vehicle created to fund the installation of energy efficiency measures

What is Anesco Asset Management?

Anesco Asset Management is an investment vehicle created to fund the installation of energy efficiency measures. To date, over 220MW of solar generating capacity has been created through the use of Anesco Asset Management.

The fund helps businesses and organisations who are keen to install measures for a financial and environmental benefit.

The group exclusively uses Anesco to manage and deliver all installations, capitalising on the firm’s experience in handling large and complex energy efficiency projects.

In addition, Anesco provides a comprehensive operation and maintenance system through its unique Anesco Meter service.

Funding the installation of

220MW of solar generating capacity

Anesco Meter

Anesco Meter is our unique operation and maintenance system. It offers complete protection for investments made in renewable energy installations.

The real-time, fully automated monitoring system monitors the performance of renewable energy installations and compares it to the output levels expected. Any discrepancies are quickly identified, so they can be rectified early preventing any potential revenue loss.

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