Battery Storage Solutions

The latest in cutting-edge battery storage solutions for both commercial and residential customers

What is Battery Storage?

The ability to store energy that is generated from a renewable source can be a valuable resource for any power system, making it an even more efficient way to use energy.

A battery storage system can store the energy produced by a solar, wind or hydro system. This has many advantages including providing an independent and uninterrupted power supply that will remain even if the grid supply fails.

It enables sites to maximise the savings from on-site generation by using ‘free’ electricity stored in the battery rather than from the grid.

We have installed

6 MWh

of energy storage in the UK to date

Commercial solutions

At Anesco, we can design an integrated and tailored battery storage solution that works with your energy system. We have also designed and developed software that can enhance the way generation is held locally then released into the grid when required.

We installed our first commercial-scale battery unit in September 2014, which was the first unit of its kind to be installed in the UK.

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